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The Stationary Kroll warm air heaters can be adapted to all possible requirements:
The right quantity of warm air from 25 kW e.g. for garages, up to 600 kW for large halls.

Without long heat up periods, the units ensure immediate heat in the following applications, to suit all size of buildings:
• Production halls and factories
• Exhibition halls
• Workshops and garages
• Furniture warehouses
• Sports facilities and gymnasiums
• Greenhouses and garden centres
• Stables and animal-rearing facilities
• Film studios

The Stationary Kroll warm air heaters are...
... instantly ready for use

The warm air is instantly emitted into the required area, as opposed to an indirect heating system that utilises steam or water, which often has long start up periods.

… efficient
Direct firing converts up to 93 % of the energy into heat. Accessories such as room thermostats and/or day/night auto-switches help save
energy consumption.
Installation costs are also kept to a minimum, when compared to a wet heating system, which contributes to a cost-effective package.

… environmentally friendly
The efficient Kroll burner and heat exchanger ensure low energy consumption, which has a direct effect on the amount of Nox produced. Typically these are up to 30 % lower than a wet heating system.

… convenient
All Kroll warm air heaters can be taylored to your requirements. They can utilise fresh air, secondary air and re-circulated air, which is particularly efficient and costeffective. There is also a summer switch, which enables ventilation in the summer months.

… flexible
The units can be mounted in an upright or horizontal position. They can be ducted to enable warm air to be distributed to several different
locations. Special accessories such as air inlet filters, outlet grill controls, silencers etc., ensure that every possible heating scheme
can be accomplished.

… reliable
These well-engineered heaters benefit from high quality stainless steel combustion chambers, high quality components and efficient fans.

… professional service
Kroll offers a complete professional service, offering our expertise to help calculate and design a warm air solution for you, using our computer aided design programmes. We also offer commissioning and servicing by our engineers if required.